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Insider’s Guide to San Diego Home Loans


I created this site to be a source of knowledge and education for those looking for San Diego Home Loans.  My goal is to provide relevant mortgage market updates as it pertains to home buying, interest rates, mortgage programs, and the loan process.

Common roadblocks we help you sidestep:

Why the Mortgage Planners Stomp the San Diego Mortgage Broker Competition

As a direct mortgage lender and San Diego mortgage broker, I will help you obtain a home loan that is right for you!  Whether you are looking to purchase a home or refinance one you currently own, I have the mortgage product and experience to get it done.

You might ask, what is our niche or specialty? Our niche is that we have experience and have been successful closing all types of loan programs and situations.

Whether you are a first time home buyer using an FHA loan to purchase a $200,000 condo or in need of a San Diego Jumbo Loan to purchase your $2 million dollar dream home, a veteran using a 100% VA loan or a self-employed borrower needing a cash out refinance, I have experience with these scenarios and can assist you!

Even if you have past credit issues like a bankruptcy, foreclosure, or short sale, I can and have experience getting these loans closed.

No matter what your scenario is, give us a call at 619-312-0612.  We can help! 

How do Our Mortgage Rates Compare?

The mortgage rates we offer are very competitive.  In many cases we will be able to offer the lowest mortgage rate or close to the lowest rate in the marketplace, but we will not always be the lowest quote out there.  

In today’s lending world, the experience to get a transaction closed and the customer service you receive during the transaction should really take precedence over the mortgage rate you receive.  What good is a .125% lower mortgage rate, if the transaction is a nightmare and you can’t get it closed?

Here are a few points to take into consideration when you are shopping for rate alone.


If you are looking for the cheapest deal, understand that you are placing a very important and complicated process into the hands of the lowest bidder. Best case; expect little advice, experience and personal service. Worst case; expect that you may not close at all. All too often, it is not known until it’s too late that the cheapest option isn’t the BEST. Remember that if you’ve heard horror stories from family members, friends or coworkers about late closings, or big surprise changes at the last minute on rate or costs…these are often due to working with discount lenders who may have a serious lack of experience. Most importantly, remember that the cheapest rate on the wrong strategy can cost you thousands in the long run. We may not always be the cheapest option, but we have invested in the systems and team we need to ensure the top quality experience that you deserve.


Mortgage money and interest rates all come from the same place and if something sounds really unbelievable, you better ask a few more questions. Is there a prepayment penalty? If the rate seems incredible, are there extra fees? What is the length of the lock period? If the fees are lower, are they built into a higher interest rate? In most cases, rates are within .25% of each other. If the difference is greater than that, make sure to ask additional questions.


When looking at estimates, don’t simply look at the bottom line. You must compare lender fees to lender fees, as these are the only ones that the lender controls. And make sure lender fees are not “hidden” down amongst the title or state fees. The APR can be easily manipulated and is often not the best comparison tool.

We Get Transactions Approved and Closed

We have a great track record of getting client’s home loans approved and closed.  This can be tremendously important on a purchase when a late closing can either cause the transaction to fall apart or incur per diem fees from the seller. Below is a recent testimonial from a San Diego Realtor.

Dear Shanne,
It was my pleasure to work with you, a true professional on this last escrow. We have successfully closed many escrows together in the past and each time you set the bar even higher to a level for all lenders to strive for. I appreciate that you are always available and you give timely updates to keep everyone informed. It is so important to all parties of a transaction that the escrow closes in a timely manner. Because of your attention to details, I never have to worry that we won’t close on time. It would make my life easier if all of my clients could use your expertise when purchasing a home.  

Check out this recent story from The Wall Street Journal titled, “The Bank that Rejects The Most Mortgages”.  If you notice, the Big Banks, were all highest on the list for rejected home loans.  This does not happen with us.  The number of files that we had declined was less than 1% over the last 2 years.  This is because we do our homework up front and put the files together properly before we submit to underwriting.  We also know which mortgage lenders will do what types of loans.

Customer Service

I believe that customer service has become a lost art in business.  Our goal is to put it front and center again and be the Mona Lisa of the lending industry.  My team is here to serve you and make the transaction as smooth as possible.

We will return phone calls or emails within 24 hours and usually much sooner.  We will provide a free consultation to review your loan options and answer any questions that you may have. And we are willing to meet at your house, office, or our conveniently located office based on your schedule and availability.  We want to make the home loan process as stress free as possible.

Feel free to look at some of our recent client testimonials to see how our clients felt after they had completed the loan process with us.

Not Sure Where to Begin?

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Our Mission: To carefully guide clients through the entire home loan process, so the client feels confident as they make choices about the many options available for their home loan financing.

Please use this site and its compilation of articles and facts about San Diego Mortgages to get all your questions answered.

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