2011 San Diego County FHA Loan Limits

San Diego FHA Loans

The 2011 San Diego County FHA home loan limits are unchanged from 2010 for 1-unit properties.  In fact, all counties in California will have the same FHA loan limits for 2011 as they did in 2010.

San Diego’s FHA loan limit is $697,500. FHA loan amounts below $417,000 are considered “conforming” and will have slightly lower rates and less stringent guidelines. FHA Loan amounts that exceed $417,001 to the maximum of $729,750 are considered “jumbo”.  They will have rates that are about .25% higher and more restrictive guidelines.  Be aware of this when speaking to your San Diego Mortgage Banker and FHA expert.

2011 FHA Home Loan Limits 1-Unit


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