4 Steps to Choosing the Best San Diego Mortgage Broker

San Diego Home LoansHow do I Choose the Best San Diego Mortgage Broker? 

Finding the best San Diego mortgage broker to help you purchase that perfect dream home should be an easy process, but there are many aspects to consider and not all mortgage brokers are ethical. 

You definitely don’t want a broker who can turn your mortgage into a nightmare. 

I know it can be a difficult choice to make because not all mortgage brokers are created equal. So, how do you separate the best mortgage brokers from those who are just average? 

I’ll show you how to find the best mortgage broker. Just follow these few basic steps so you can weed out those brokers who don’t offer the most competitive rates or fees, can’t close your transactions on time, or are inexperienced. 

What Describes the Best Mortgage Broker? 

First, you need an experienced broker. 

Why? Well simply put, it takes time for a broker to build relationships with the lenders they work with, so they know who they are and how they operate. The lenders also get to know the brokers and an experienced broker knows how to get a lender moving in the right direction for their client. 

An experienced broker like me, has access to multiple lenders. We can find the ones that match your particular financial situation to not just get you approved but also to find you the best Mortgage Rates and loan terms  in San Diego at the same time. 

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Whether you’re a newbie who’s just buying your first home or you’re buying your fifth home and need a Jumbo Loan, San Diego VA Loan, FHA Loan, or other low down payment options you want a broker who guides you through the entire process from the start to the closing. 

I am not just a broker either, but also a mortgage banker or direct lender.  This means that in many cases we can fund the loan ourselves, giving you, the client, lower rates and fees.  We control the loan document drawing and loan funding so we can close more loans on time.  We also have our own appraisal management company to select qualified appraisers. 

Where to Start Looking for the Best Broker? 

The best mortgage brokers in San Diego find most of their business through referrals. We don’t have to solicit a lot of business because we’ve already built up a solid base of satisfied clients that refer other people to us. 

I have been in the business over 12 years as a broker, mortgage banker, and loan officer.  I have been successful through the tough times and that is why I am still in the business today. 

If a broker is ringing you on the phone to solicit you then they’re probably pretty green and new to the business. 

I also suggest you check out your local Better Business Bureau and find out what kind of complaints, if any, have been made against the mortgage broker you’re thinking of trying. 

You might also get some good referrals from a real estate pro, or even your tax or financial adviser. However, whoever gives you a referral, even if it’s from a co-worker or a sibling, I strongly advise you to take the extra step and do some thorough research anyway. 

Check the Mortgage Broker Online 

One real simple step you should take is to simply Google the broker and see what pops up. Those first few pages can tell you a lot about their online presence and what others have to say about them. 

Give it a try and Google “Shanne Sleder” or “Team Sleder” right now and that will give you a quick and positive snapshot of our own services and depth of experience. 

You can also search local review sites like Yelp.  To read my reviews click HERE

You want a broker who offers a broad range of services because everyone’s situation is different. Your broker should be offering anything from conventional fixed mortgages and ARMS to Jumbo Loans, FHA low down payment loans, and reverse mortgages. 

You want a mortgage broker like me, who knows and provides the whole gamut of services. 

The Best Mortgage Broker is a Good Communicator 

Every borrower’s financial situation is different and unique. The best broker treats everyone the same and explains everything in comprehensive detail while giving you a range of options and choices. 

One of you first questions to ask any broker is “How long have you been a broker?” and “How many lenders do you work with?” 

The best brokers will strive to match your goals and needs to suit your situation. They don’t use a bunch of jargon you don’t understand and will take the time to explain even the most basic terms so you know what’s going on. 

The best broker answers your questions immediately and is in constant communication with you through the entire mortgage process.

As your broker, I will contact you, the client, within 24 hrs and will also contact your realtors within 24hrs. and usually it will be same day.  This is very import in today’s market to get pre-approvals done fast and answer any questions the agents may have. 

If you would like to get pre-approved right now then click HERE. Need more information or have some questions? Call me at 858-519-3935.

A top-notch broker will help guide you through all the application steps. And, always make sure you are provided what you need to know about fees and closing costs.  That is why I provide a free pre-purchase consultation for all my clients. 

Shanne Sleder at Team Sleder Can Help 

We’ve been in business since 2001 so we’ve been there and done that. I have access to over 30 lenders so I know where to find you the best terms and rates. 

I have the expertise that can help you get the right loan and at the best rates for your unique situation and financial circumstances. If you have questions or need some advice for loan programs, then give me a call at 858-519-3935 and I will help you move into that dream home before you know it.

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