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In this ultra-competitive seller’s market where each listing has multiple offers within days of it being listed, it is important to make your offer stand out. You need to differentiate yourself from the many other buyers. So here are five tips to help you get your offer accepted.

5 Tips

1) Your offer needs to be submitted at the asking price, if not higher, if the price you are offering is supported by the comparable sales. The days of undercutting the list price are over. It is no longer 2009.

2) Write a personal story about your family and why you want to have your future memories be in that house. Give the seller a reason to accept your offer over the others. Try to create an emotional connection. Have your agent submit it with the offer. You may even want include a family photo.

3) Make sure your agent makes contact with the listing agent before the offer is sent in. Your agent can find out how many other offers there are and try to get a sense of what other items will need to be part of the contract. This will allow you to make your offer as strong as possible.

4) Make sure you are fully pre-approved with a letter from your lender. This should be common practice but many times it is not. A pre-qualification is not a pre-approval. Make sure the pre-approval includes a credit report and income and asset review.

5) Have your lender call the listing agent on your behalf after the offer is made to tell them how well qualified you are and that the transaction will go smoothly. This shows the agent that you are working with a professional lender who can be counted in throughout the transaction.

I hope these tips will help you get your next offer accepted. For more information on home buying or loans continue following my blog for the most recent San Diego Mortgage News 90 posts or call me directly at 619-312-0612.

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