5/1 ARM Jumbo Loans in San Diego – 3.5%

San Diego Jumbo Loans
San Diego Jumbo Loans

Now is a great time to get a Jumbo Loan in San Diego.  In the 10 years that I have offered mortgages in San Diego and the 6 years I have been a San Diego Mortgage Broker, I have never seen rates as low as they are right now for Jumbo Loans.

Imagine being able to get a 5/1 ARM Jumbo Loan in San Diego up to $1.0 Million at a rate of 3.50%, APR of 3.428% for a $1.25 Million purchase.  The payment would only be $4,495.45 per month for a million dollar Jumbo Loan in San Diego.  That payment would be fixed for 5 years.  In year 6 the most it could increase would be 5%, which is also the lifetime cap.  If it does not increase that much in year 6, the next year it can only go up a maximum of 2%.

This San Diego Jumbo Loan up to $1 Million only requires 20% down payment and allows up to a 45% debt to income ratio.  It is even available on second homes in San Diego.  The down payment would increase to 25% and the rate would be 3.75%, APR of 3.520%.

A few years back Jumbo Loans in San Diego where hard to come by and now they are in the mid 3% range, only require 20% down, and can be used for second homes.  If you were thinking of buying your dream house in San Diego or refinancing your current, now is the time to do it and lock in these amazing rates for San Diego Jumbo Loans.

If you have any questions on Jumbo Loans in San Diego or California please feel free to contact me.  As a San Diego Mortgage Broker, I have access to many jumbo loan programs and would be happy to provide you with a free quote.

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