How is My Credit Score Determined – San Diego Home Loans

For many consumers looking into getting a San Diego Home Loan, the biggest mystery is how their credit score is determined and what they can do to increase their scores.

After all, credit scores can have the largest impact on what Mortgage Rate you can obtain.  It can also affect which Home Loan programs you can qualify for.

The presentation below breaks down how your credit scores are determined and gives some tips on what you can do to increase your score.  These are all things that you can do on your own and they do not cost money!

To hear the audio that accompanies the slides, please press the expanded view button on the bottom right of the presentation.


If you have additional questions after wathcing this presentation, please feel free to give me a call at 858-519-3935.  If you have additional credit issues like bankruptcies, foreclosures, or short sales, we may still be able to help you get a San Diego Home Loan.

As a mortgage broker in San Diego, I have over 12 years experience dealing with client’s credit history and helping client’s obtain loans even with past credit issues.  If you would like to get a quote for current mortgage rates, please click HERE.  I look forward to helping you with your transaction.


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