Best Mortgage Rates in San Diego – 3.5% 30 Year Fixed at No Cost

San Diego Mortgage RatesAlthough mortgage rates in San Diego are not as low as they were a few weeks ago, they are still incredibly low. As a San Diego Mortgage Broker, I am able to offer a 30 year Fixed Rate on a $320,000 loan amount at rate of 3.5%, 3.55% APR, with no closing costs.

That’s right! I will pay all the closing costs. They are not rolled into the loan. These are some of the best mortgage rates in San Diego I have ever seen! Can you imagine a rate of 3.5% with no closing costs? This is available on San Diego purchase loans or refinances.

If you listen to the radio on your daily commute, you will hear multiple commercials for San Diego Mortgage Brokers saying that they can offer the best mortgage rates in San Diego. The important thing to know is that not all San Diego Mortgage Brokers are created equally. Some may offer very competitive rates, but offer bad customer service and struggle to get the loan closed. Others do not have as much experience or may only offer a few loan programs.

At The Mortgage Planners, we offer some the best mortgage rates in San Diego combined with low or no closing costs. In addition, we take pride in the great customer service we provide and the fact that we get loans closed in this tough lending atmosphere. Please take a look at my customer reviews and see for yourself.

We also offer a huge array of mortgage programs, many that other Mortgage Brokers do not have access to. We are Mortgage Bankers, allowing us to offer better rates, control the closing documents, and have our own AMC (Appraisal Management Company) to provide more reliable appraisals. I have been in the business for 11 years and have experience with San Diego conforming loans, San Diego FHA and VA loans, San Diego Jumbo loans, and San Diego Reverse Mortgages.

If you are looking for the best mortgage rate in San Diego do not let this opportunity pass you by. Please contact me at 619-312-0612 or submit for a FREE interest rate quote HERE and I will let you know what rates are available for your situation.

If you are looking to purchase a home in San Diego, the current low prices combined with the best mortgage rates in San Diego make this a perfect time to buy. I offer a free pre-purchase consultation and an on time closing guarantee. I would be happy to give you a free pre-approval or interest rate quote when you contact me.


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