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San Diego Purchase Loan

Are you looking for a Purchase Loan in San Diego ?  Have you been looking for a San Diego Mortgage Broker or Banker to help with your purchase financing?  If so, your search has ended.  Team Sleder is a San Diego Mortgage Broker who offers all types of loans for purchases in San Diego and throughout California.

San Diego Mortgage Rates for purchases are near all time lows and Team Sleder has some of the best mortgage rates for purchases and lowest closing costs in San Diego.  In addition, Team Sleder has access to a vast number of loan programs that are available for Purchases in San Diego making us the number one choice for your San Diego Home Loan.

Conforming Loans for San Diego Purchase

Conforming loans in San Diego County can be used for purchases up to $647,200.  These loans allow up to an 80% loan to value without mortgage insurance or up to a 97% loan to value with mortgage insurance.  Conforming loans are available in fixed rate periods of 30, 25, 20, 15, and 10 years or Adjustable Rate Mortgages with initial fixed periods of 10, 7, 5, and 3 years.  Interest only options are available for Purchases.  Team Sleder also offers the San Diego High Balance loan program that covers loans between $647,201 and $879,750.

Jumbo Loans for San Diego Purchase

Team Sleder can provide Jumbo Loans for purchases up to $2 Million on 30 year fixed or ARMs.  We also have interest only options available on San Diego Jumbo Loans.  There are some unique Jumbo Loan programs that we have access to, like a pledged asset program that allows Jumbo Loans up to 90% Loan To Value without any mortgage insurance and an asset depletion program that allows assets to be calculated as qualifying income without having to draw these funds.

HomePath Program for San Diego Purchase

The HomePath loan program is a great program for people looking to purchase in San Diego.  It is offered on certain Fannie Mae foreclosed properties and allows loan amounts up to 97% Loan to Value without having to have mortgage insurance.  It also does not require an appraisal and has other less stringent guidelines.

Government Loans for San Diego Purchase

Team Sleder offers both FHA and VA home loans for San Diego Purchase loans.  The FHA loan allows purchases up to a 96.5% Loan to Value ratio and loan amounts up to $879,750.  The San Diego VA loan program allows up to 100% Loan to Value on purchase loans in San Diego up to $1.5 Million.

Foreign National Loans for San Diego Purchase

Team Sleder have several sources as San Diego Mortgage Brokers who offer foreign nationals loans.  One of our sources offers a 65% Loan to Value and $650,000 loan amount for San Diego Purchases.  Our other source offers 50% Loan to Value up to a loan amount of $5,000,000.  This San Diego Foreign National Loan program can also be combined with a pledged asset option.  If the buyer has U.S. based assets they can use the pledged asset option to get to 75% LTV.  If the assets are in the bank that offers this loan program, the buyer can get a foreign national loan up to 90% LTV without mortgage insurance.

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