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Would you like to have the benefits that an all cash offer gives when trying to buy a house, without having to pay all cash?  Would you like to be able to tell the seller and listing agent that you can close in 17 days or less, without having long contingency periods?  Imagine being able to move into your dream home in 17 days and completing the process without the normal stress and anxiety that can come from a traditional purchase. My Ready to Move Pre-Approval Process can give you all the above benefits and more when looking to buy a home.  The benefits can be just as great if you’re looking to refinance!  Your file is always reviewed in detail before we decide to submit it to underwriting, to give you the best chance to get your loan approved.  As stage 2 of 3 of Team Sleder Experience, the Ready to Move Pre-approval Process sets the stage for a truly different lending experience.

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