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Your Mortgage Options

Are you looking for a Home Loan? Have you been searching for a Mortgage Broker or Lender in San Diego to help you obtain your purchase or refinance loan? Your search has ended.  Shanne Sleder at RWM Home Loans is a San Diego Mortgage Broker and Banker who offer all types of Home Loans for refinances and purchases.

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What Loan Program is Right For You?

With San Diego Interest Rates still near all-time lows, it is a great time to get your Home Loan. Team Sleder offers competitive mortgage rates and closing costs in San Diego. Couple that with the vast number of loan programs that we have available and Team Sleder is your number one choice for San Diego Home Loans.

Conforming San Diego Home Loans

Team Sleder offers traditional Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac conforming loans in San Diego County up to $647,200 and up to a 97% loan to value. We have fixed-rate periods of 30, 25, 20, 15, and 10 years. We also offer Adjustable Rate loans with initial fixed periods of 10, 7, 5, and 3 years. Interest-only options are available for San Diego Home Loans as well. In addition, we offer the High Balance loan program that covers San Diego mortgage amounts between $647,201 and $879,750.

San Diego Jumbo Loans

Team Sleder has Jumbo Loans in San Diego available up to $5 Million. We also have interest only options available. If you are looking for a lower down payment, we can do up to 95% LTV at a $2.5 Million loan amount.

*See our article “Jumbo Loans: The Definitive Guide”*

In addition we offer unique San Diego Jumbo Loan programs, like a pledged asset program that allows Jumbo Loans up to 90% LTV without any mortgage insurance and an asset depletion program that allows assets to be calculated as income to qualify without having to actually draw these funds as income.

You can click on the following links to learn more:

San Diego Jumbo Loans to $1.275 Million at 85% LTV

89.99% San Diego Jumbo Loan with no Mortgage Insurance

San Diego FHA Home Loans

FHA loans allows up to a 97.75% Loan to Value ratio up to a loan amount of $879,750. FHA loans are great for San Diego First Time Homebuyers, borrowers with lower credit scores, or higher debt to income ratios.  It also allows for larger loan amounts than San Diego conforming loans.  The San Diego FHA loan program will allow gifts for down payment and non-occupant co-borrowers.

Here are some recent articles that talk more about FHA Loans:

FHA Loans in San Diego – FHA Loan Program

San Diego VA Home Loans

The VA loan program allows up to 100% Loan to Value up to a $1,500,000 and allows larger loan amounts with smaller down payments.  The San Diego VA Home Loan now has no loan amounts!  The VA loan is for current military personnel or veterans.  It does not require mortgage insurance and is more forgiving on credit history and debt to income ratios.  The VA loan is also a great option for cash out refinances.

Here are some recent articles that talk more about VA Loans:

VA Loans in San Diego – 100% Financing

San Diego FHA or VA Streamline Home Loans

FHA Streamline refinances are great options for those homeowners who already have an FHA loan. In most cases, no appraisal is needed and there is no income qualification. In fact, new guidelines were just announced to help FHA borrowers be able to use a San Diego FHA streamline refinance and reduce the mortgage insurance premium burden.

To learn more about FHA streamlines, click HERE.

VA Streamlines or IRRLs as they are called, allow current VA borrowers to refinance their existing VA loan with a reduced funding fee, in most cases a AVM (automated valuation model) instead of an appraisal, and up to 125% LTV.

To learn more about VA streamlines, click HERE.

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